Digital Marketing Dashboards with Automated Insights

Get access to Google Ads, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads dashboard templates. 

Google Analytics Dashboard Template with Automated Insights

Get various Google Analytics sections & essential KPIs in one report. Generate performance insights in writing along with impact analysis within minutes.


Google Ads Dashboard Template with Automated Insights

Track campaign performance & understand what is working & what is not. Identify the cause of change in performance based on KPIs selected.

Facebook Ads Dashboard Template with Automated Insights

Get performance insights for placements, demographics, etc., & track campaign KPIs mapped to the results you set.

Raise the Bar
Take Your Reporting to the Next Level

Faster Reporting

Setup your reports once, and refresh your data going forward at the click of a button

Build Reports as per Your KPI

Select your KPI while setting up the report and get relevant insights

No Data Storage

Your data is not stored except for when you upload your campaign change history for Google Ads