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Get ready to use reports along with actionable analysis for your campaigns. Revolutionary reporting that will change the game

Data-driven analysis

Analyses that provide a peek into the Google Ads account and identify what’s working and what’s not. Identify nuances that would otherwise go undetected and notice the direct impact once implemented.


Rather than just identifying an increase or decrease in your Google Ads performance, DataMyth analyses go one step ahead and present the reasons for the change in performance. 

Achieve all of this with the click of a few buttons.

Build a comprehensive Google Ads report

Easy to understand, data-driven reports built within minutes. The multi-sectioned ready-to-share reports cater to your stakeholders and optimization teams.


  • The summary section provides stakeholders with a status of where the account stands as compared to the goal.
  • The analyses in the subsequent sections cater to the optimization team’s requirement to understand the change in performance.

Improve campaign efficiency

Leave the analysis to us and focus on optimizing and strategizing the next steps. DataMyth automates, schedules & sends Google Ads reports based on the performance, thereby reducing your reporting time by 95%



Schedule, share & download

With DataMyth, you have the option to:

1) Set it up once, and receive reports in your inbox periodically

2) Download the report as a PDF

3) Share a link (to the pdf) with the stakeholders

Link & receive reports in a minute

Reporting made easy. Just 4 steps to get your Google Ads report in a minute.

1) Link your Google Ads account

2) Select correct customer & date range

3) Click "generate report" & your report is ready

4) Once the report is loaded, you have the option to select a metric based on which the data and analysis that appear