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Actionable Analysis That Strengthens Your Optimization at a Faster Rate

Data-Driven Analysis

DataMyth analyzes and presents the reasons for the change in performance based on impact, in a few clicks.

Get analysis that provides an in-depth look into your Google Ads account performance, and identify nuances that would otherwise go undetected.

Build Comprehensive Reports

Derive multi-layered reports with performance analysis based on the metric selected. The summary section provides an overview of the performance and the following sections of the report delve deeper into the performance.

Improve Campaign Efficiency

Leave the analysis to DataMyth and focus on optimizing and strategizing the next steps. DataMyth automates Google Ads reports based on the performance, thereby reducing your reporting time by 95%.

Analysis Based on Change History

While DataMyth analyzes your account performance and provides valuable insights, get additional insights by uploading your change history that gives us additional data to analyze.

Simple & Easy Reporting

Setup your account in 4 simple steps the first time you login. There onwards, login and run reports with insights based on your KPI within seconds.

Powerful Features to Enhance your
Google Ads Reports


Build and get access to reports with analysis within seconds every time you run a report


Build as many reports as required, either to report to stakeholders, or to optimize the account


Whether you manage 1 account or 100 accounts, build all your reports with analysis in seconds