Automated Solutions for Smart Marketing

Launched by an avant-garde who wanted to go past the download, process, and analyze stage

What we do

Help digital marketers create robust and comprehensive marketing reports along with performance analysis at the click of a button. No more downloading data from various sources and manually analyzing these reports. DataMyth helps reduce the time taken to analyze data so that the focus can shift to strategy.

Who we are

DataMyth is powered by a team of digital enthusiasts, who want to make a difference in the world of digital marketing.

Anything that is repeatable should be automated. Driven by this belief, we at DataMyth explored the possibility of reducing the time spent in creating digital marketing reports. As per a survey conducted by DataMyth, marketers spend about 7.5 hours a week building reports and writing insights.

The benefit to marketers was evident and the opportunity immense. This is where we decided to dive in and build a SaaS based solution that is beneficial to digital marketers.

The outcome – Today, DataMyth automated reports provide performance analysis to help marketers understand what’s working and what’s not at the click of a button.