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Improve Your Performance on Google Search with DataMyth’s Google Search Console Reports

Improve Performance with Queries Analytics

Track keywords that drive traffic to your website based on their position in SERPs. DataMyth helps you better understand user data for these keywords based on device, location & pages.

Brand vs Non Brand Analysis

Understand the number of users that reached your website using your brand term. Get a clear picture on how your brand & non-brand terms appear on the Google Search page.

Detailed Performance Analysis

Decode the correlation between keyword, page & device, while identifying your top keywords and the pages it drives traffic to – All this and more at the click of a button.

Simple Reporting that Saves Time

With a click of a button derive multilayered reports with performance insights in less than a minute. Reduce your reporting time by 95%.

Powerful Features to Enhance your
Google Search Console Reports


No more spending hours creating & analyzing reports. With DataMyth, you get these in less than a minute


Build as many reports as required, either to report to stakeholders, or to optimize the account


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