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Reporting is one of the key aspects of successful collaboration. Creating reports for clients always takes a good amount of time. Yes, it was the same situation for me until I found DataMyth. It allows you to add Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Facebook accounts and creates an analyzed report for you within few minutes. The good thing is you can also add the client's logo on the report being generated. The report is quite readable and makes sense.
Mohan Niroula


The report they provide is so good. Honestly. You can connect your Google Analytics or Search Console + some more and you get your report on your business in a minute. I was so sceptic because they could add more data sources but once I saw that report how it explains why my website has such poor traffic....oh man amazing.

David Kocsis
CEO - Guru Muscle


DataMyth reports is easy to use and the reports are very easy to understand. There are no complex settings like other solutions, but that's good, you don't waste time configuring everything. Connecting to data is easy and efficient. If you need a tool to report data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you have to try it!

François Houte
Visite 360 Pro