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DataMyth analyzes your data from various channels/sources and provides insights using a systematic approach.
DataMyth identifies the increase and decrease in performance over a period, and
identifies the elements that caused the variation based on impact.

Data-driven performance analysis

The analysis generated by DataMyth provides a view into the account performance with the change and the metric that caused the strongest impact. These analyses become your input to optimize accounts. To calculate the impact, we take multiple parameters and circumstances into consideration to identify the elements with the highest impact.

Observation & Insights

Overall, the goals received a lower volume of conversions -3.61%.

The channels that contributed to the decrease in conversions are:

a) Referral with a -9.64% impact: The sources that contributed
to the negative impact are:

* which decreased by 100.0%

b) Email with a -9.64% impact: The campaigns that saw a drop
impact are:

*Promotion campaign decreased by 88.89% - Goal 8

The channels with the highest and lowest conversion rates are Organic Search (5.40%) & Email (0.04%) respectively.




Comprehensive report structure

A multi-layered report that includes all metrics based on the channel selected with extensive performance analysis. The summary sections provide an overview of the performance and the following sections of the report delve deeper into the performance. This will help you with reports that cater to the top management/stakeholders and provide inputs for analysts.

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No matter the package you select, get access to unlimited reports for each client/brand

Channel integrations

Google Ads and Google Analytics can be integrated with DataMyth, and additional channels will be added regularly

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Select preferred sections from the report and instantly download as a PDF at the click of a button

Shareable PDF

This is another option where you can share the PDF with your stakeholders/clients. They can access the reports as required when connected to the internet

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