Instant Google Analytics Reports

Measure your website performance with automated analysis and insights

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Stay ahead of your competition with website analytics that can help define your next steps

Automated analysis based on the ABC model

Along with identifying an increase or decrease in performance, DataMyth’s algorithm segregates and analyses your Google Analytics data based on the ABC (Acquisition, Behaviour, Conversion) model and identifies the cause of the impact.


You can now derive performance insights at the click of a button. Reports that would generally take hours to generate will be available in seconds.

Analytics reports for everyone

A comprehensive Google Analytics report which consists of sections critical to your client or stakeholder as well as optimization teams. These are easy to understand, data-driven Google Analytics reports with information based on the intended audience.


  • Clients/Stakeholders – A summary that provides an understanding of the performance for a selected date range
  • Optimization teams – The analysis in the subsequent sections consist of information about the performance and identify the cause for the change

Effortless reporting

DataMyth reduces your reporting time by 95%. Measure and analyze the right set of data critical to your business, within seconds. These customized reports can be built either weekly, monthly, or based on the timeframe of your choice, allowing you to invest the time saved to strategize your next steps



Schedule, share & download

With DataMyth, you have the option to:

1) Schedule - Set it up once, and receive reports in your inbox periodically

2) Download - Receive the report as a PDF

3) Share - Send a link (to the pdf) to your stakeholders

Link accounts & receive reports within seconds

Reporting made easy. Just 4 steps to get your Google Analytics report up and running.

1). Select the customer ID/NAME & date range

2). Click generate report > your Google Analytics report will be ready in seconds

3). Once the report loads, you have the option to select a metric based on which the data & analysis appear

4). Download the report as a PDF