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Currently DataMyth supports Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Search Console, or Google Analytics, I have easily connected all these platforms. It produced nice performance analysis reports based on the metric I have selected, it saves me a lot of time. You can produce varied kinds of reports based on your needs, which are very detailed and easy to understand. Team is also working hard to put more integrations in place.


Dinesh Naik | Founder – Digital Dynamoz

Automated Analysis Based on the ABC Model

DataMyth segregates and analyzes your Google Analytics 4 data based on the ABC (Acquisition, Behaviour, Conversion) model and identifies the cause of impact.


Analytics Reports for Everyone

Derive multi-layered reports with performance analysis based on the metric selected. The summary section provides an overview of the performance and the following sections of the report delve deeper into the performance.

Simplified Reports

DataMyth eliminates the need to download multiple report sections to analyze. Get all the analysis in one common report along with the insights within seconds.

Effortless Reporting

Get reports with insights within seconds and reduce your reporting time by 95%. Be it weekly, monthly or the timeframe of your choice, you can invest the time saved to attain your next milestone.

Powerful Features to Enhance your
Google Analytics 4 Reports


No more spending hours creating & analyzing reports. With DataMyth, you get these in less than a minute


Build as many reports as required, either to report to stakeholders, or to optimize the account


At DataMyth, we follow all compliance and privacy requirements to ensure that your data is secure