Leverage Marketing Reports with Automated Analysis

Automate the first step to decision making and optimize your marketing campaigns

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Automated analysis – What’s working & what’s not

Build robust and comprehensive reports to enhance your campaign performance. DataMyth is a software that helps marketers like you focus on providing better value to your customers by delivering the right set of insights for decision making.

Load reports with insights at the click of a button. The insights provided take all metrics into consideration to derive analysis at 2 levels:

  • Level 1 – The increase or decrease in performance
  • Level 2 – The parameter/metric that leads to the change in performance based on the degree of impact

Save an average of 7.5 hours* a week on reports and analysis

Building reports is crucial, but it can also be time-consuming. Using DataMyth, you can create these reports in minutes and with performance insights that help marketers save several hours of work.

Check out the video to see how the software can simplify your reporting process, allowing you to invest the time saved on building your strategy.

The solution that helps you move forward

Our reports with data-driven analysis cater to digital agencies and product/solution companies. The summary of the report can be presented to stakeholders and the detailed sections can be used by optimization teams.

Product/Solutions Company

Focus on strategic work with a small and agile marketing team.

Digital Marketing/Analytics Agency

Increase the number of clients handled per analyst.
Increase revenue generated per analyst/planner and in turn reduce COGS.

Setup and Go in 4 Simple Steps

Setup and run your reports within a minute

Create DataMyth Account Step 1

Create DataMyth Account

Channel Linking Step 2

Link Channels & Select Account

select date Step 3

Select Date Range

select kpi Step 4

Select KPI based Metrics

Connect your marketing channels and
get instant reports with performance insights

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