Faster Marketing Reports with Automated Analysis

Simplify your reporting process to analyze
and build insights while saving time

Save an Average of 7.5 Hours* a Week

Create reports within minutes with performance insights and use the time saved to hit your next milestone.

Automated Analysis - What's Working & What's Not

Build comprehensive reports to enhance your campaign efficiency. DataMyth identifies the change in performance and the reason for the change based on the degree of impact.

Fuel Your Efficiency with DataMyth

  • Increase productivity with ready to use analysis
  • Small agile teams can take on additional work
  • Agencies can handle more clients
  • Save on budget allocated to build reports and analysis
  • Utilize the time saved to strategize and optimize¬†
  • Reduce the number of calls to review reports with clients/stakeholders
  • Reduce the stress and eliminate misses on report day

Setup and Go in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Create DataMyth Account

Step 2

Link Channels & Select Account

Step 3

Select Date Range

Step 4

Select Key Metric & Go

Raise the Bar
Take Your Reporting to the Next Level

Faster Reporting

Setup your reports once, and refresh your data going forward at the click of a button

Build Reports as per Your KPI

Select your KPI while setting up the report and get relevant insights

No Data Storage

Your data is not stored except for when you upload your campaign change history for Google Ads