Reports with Automated Analysis for
Marketing Agencies in 3 Seconds

Get actionable insights to optimize your campaigns with a single click, while saving time on reporting.

“DataMyth is a useful tool for marketers because it provides easy-to-digest, automated reports. The first report I ran gave me two insights into a client campaign that I don’t think I’d have spotted otherwise, so already I’m pleased with the outputs.”


Martin Broadhurst – Digital Strategist | Owner at Broadhurst Digital

Identify what's working & what's not ​

Build comprehensive reports to enhance your campaign efficiency. DataMyth identifies the change in performance and the reason for the change based on the degree of impact.


More time to strategize & optimze

Create reports within minutes with performance insights and use the time saved to hit your next milestone. Save on budget allocated to build reports and analysis. Utilize the time saved to strategize and optimize.


Get instant analysis & insights

Increase productivity with ready to use analysis while you can handle more clients. Reduce the stress and eliminate misses on report day.


A Platform Built for Everyone on Your Team

DataMyth is designed to help your team focus on the most impactful tasks, while we take care of your reporting

For Marketing Agencies

DataMyth unlocks a new era of efficiency for agencies, integrating seamlessly with digital channels. Unlock insights which you may have missed otherwise.

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For Marketing Teams

Gain a complete picture of your marketing efforts with powerful and user-friendly analytics and reporting. Save time, gain insights, and drive results.

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Setup and Go in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Create DataMyth Account

Step 2

Link Channels & Select Account

Step 3

Select Date Range

Step 4

Select Key Metric & Go

Because Your Reporting Needs Amazing Features

Powerful Features to Enhance your Reports

White Label

Add the client logo for each client & you can update the logo at any time. The reports also have a provision to include the name of the client.


Whether you manage 1 account or 100 accounts, leave it to DataMyth to build your reports with analysis


At DataMyth, we follow all compliance & privacy requirements to ensure that your data is secure

Unlimited Reports

No matter the package you select, get access to unlimited reports for each client/brand

Fast-tracked Reports

Reports that usually take anywhere between 2-4 hours will now be ready within a couple of minutes

Cost Savings

Calculate your current cost to build reports and your savings with DataMyth with the help of our cost calculator