Go Beyond Graphs & Tables

  • Gain deeper insights into your channel data such as GA4, Google Ads & FB Ads etc.
  • Identify insights that you may otherwise miss
  • White-labeled reports for agencies
  • Get actionable insights to optimize your campaign in 3 seconds

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Why DataMyth over the rest?

Automated analysis to unlock hidden marketing insights

Get insights in writing that helps you identify the performing and non-performing aspects of your campaign in just a couple of clicks

Understand what's working & what's not

Analyze data, identify trends, patterns, along with opportunities for optimization, allowing them to improve the performance and ROI


Reporting made easy for everyone

No more spending hours creating & analyzing data. Reports that usually take anywhere between 2-4 hours will now be ready within a couple of seconds

Customize reports with client's logo, branding & insights

Add your client’s logo, pick their brand colors for graphs & tables, and name the report. You can update the logo & color scheme at any time, as well as edit the automated insights to add or remove text

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Unlimited Reports

Build as many reports as required, either to report to stakeholders, or to optimize the account

Editable Insights

Effortlessly add or remove insights, tailoring the information presented to your clients' specific needs


At DataMyth, we follow all compliance and privacy requirements to ensure that your data is secure

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